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Companies investigate how the future way of working will look like

Will it go back to how it was, do we switch to a new reality or to a hybrid solution.

How to realize your future way of working post Covid-19

Covid-19 is not gone yet and still impacts the possibilities at the office. How to bring your employees back safely  to the office.


Working from home can work and companies consider different corporate ecosystems! 

Diverse Corporate Ecosystem

All signs point towards a diverse future corporate ecosystem that benefits from multiple office types and locations and remote working emphasized by employees that try to avoid busy commutes and favor working locally.

From desk oriented to functional focussed 

Offices move away from Desk Focussed towards Collaboration Focussed through a multifunctional office building. From floors with traditional desks & meeting rooms, to floors with collaboration & community spaces. More flexibility, more interaction, more satisfaction & joy and higher productivity in your workplace SMARTWORKINGPLACES

What do you need for your companies office?

* Collaboration Spaces

* Meeting Areas

* Break-out office space

* Informal meeting space

* Event areas

* Areas for creative processes

* Social Interaction space

And... last but not least

State of the art tools to support and facilitate all this such as

- Room- & deskbooking, 
- Teamspace reservation and 
- Eventplanning

How SMARTWORKPLACES supports you to achieve this

SMARTWORKPLACES organizes ready-to-use workspaces in your office, with state of the art IT tools to let your employees and teams work flawless, efficient, with more satisfaction & joy and productivity 

How we support your business with    'smartworkplaces' floors

  • Adapt the building, 
  • Operate the floors for your company, teams and people.
  • Offering the best satelite offices (Local Offices) to enable your people to work locally. 
  • Facilitate local working from all locations.
  • Supply Workplace Insights: manage, plan and control room/desk/floor booking. 
  • Facilitate or restrict reservation per day for your employees or teams. 
  • Plan and book where your teams are working.
  • Optimization of your floor spaces; Hybrid working can lead to less m2 and therefore lower costs. 
  • Creative usage of your spare capacity in your office building: operate spare space to create income.

Capacity Management

SMARTWORKINGPLACES helps you by offering an experienced team, various tailormade solutions for your office and targeted digital booking systems.  

Efficiency: costsavings through optimization of offices and rentalspace next to savings in travel-time.
Technology:: Desktop/meetingroom/office booking & reservation, community and collaboration supporting tools
Data: workplace analysis, smart building, health & safety and wellbeing insight & in control.

From large offices to smaller offices Introducing Hubs & CoWorking next to the Home office

Technology to serve and support

Book you own workspace, individually or for your team, and ensure safe distancing. Easily select, reserve and check in to your workspace with your smartphone. Welcome visitors to your office in the safest and most efficient way. Easily manage and organize multiple locations with one platform.


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